Episode 120: Freddie Beats Testicular Cancer, Lyme, and Mold (Pt. 2)




[00:00:48] Detective Ev: Welcome back to another episode of the Health Detective Podcast by FDNthrive. My name is Evan Transue, AKA Detective Ev. I will be your host for today’s show. We’re talking to Freddie Kimmel and I’m going to keep this really short because this is part 2 of Freddie’s story of how he beats testicular cancer, Lyme, and mold.

We spent the whole first episode just talking about Freddie’s story and the crazy stuff he was going through. I was doing the math in my head, and we can say this because we’re guys, we don’t care. I felt this guy was like late thirties based on the math I did. He’s talking to me saying he’s 44 years old. First of all, he looks great. But second of all, he’s been cancer-free this whole time. So, I would think that this guy has come across some pretty good information in his life and has some things to share with us today.

What Is AmpCoil?

Freddie, one of the things I want to just start off with right off the bat, and I hope that this is appropriate chronologically because I think this is what we were actually getting into last time when we ended, is this thing called the AmpCoil. I had never heard of that. Been in the space for years. We met at the biohacking Congress. I was there for FDN in October of 2021. I saw this thing, thought it was cool. I mean, I did one of the sessions there. Your people were great. I think one of them actually ended up becoming an FDN, Isabella, which is awesome.

AMPCOIL, HEALS TESTICULAR CANCER, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

Just kind of cool how this is really coming full circle in multiple ways. And Reed’s been on your podcast, a lot of great things. But yeah, what the heck is the AmpCoil? How did you find it? I mean, give us the whole spiel there. Because I still don’t fully understand that.

Using AmpCoil to Move the Needle as He Beats Testicular Cancer, Lyme, and Mold

[00:03:12] Freddie Kimmel: Sure. We didn’t really jump into the full depth of the story. I had bought a home in Hoboken and behind one of the walls was floor to ceiling, black mold, toxic black mold. On top of the cancer and the Lyme, I had this additional experience that would have taken anybody down, in their own right, for years and was living in this home with really bad mold.


You can imagine how reactivated everything that I was already struggling with was amplified to the highest level it had been. I was at an incredibly low point. I was doing everything I knew how to do through the wellness practices, different modalities. I was throwing everything at my body at this point. Ozone therapy. I was doing infrared saunas. I was doing binders, coffee enemas. I was doing pharmaceutical interventions to try to get the mold out of my body. After almost eight to nine months, no change in the level of the toxicity in my body, which I was blown away from. I was like, how can this not be moving the needle?

I was at a fitness facility, and I saw a YouTube video on AmpCoil. I got off the treadmill and I pulled out my credit card and I bought it. So irresponsible. I didn’t try. It was $11,000 at the time. It was the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought, not knowing. But there was something (honestly, this sounds so weird and woo-woo), I was like, I’m going to have improvement with that.

What the AmpCoil is, it’s a system that incorporates multiple different technologies into one unit. And it brings in pulse electromagnetic field, frequency therapy, and or bioresonance, and software design. So, imagine a tablet with the selection of different frequencies in a different order, amplitude, and duration.

Helping Cells Breathe Better as He Beats Testicular Cancer

We can call it a song that’s going to be played to the body in a certain order. All those sounds go through an amplifier where they gain power. Then they go through a modified electromagnetic coil, a modified Tesla coil. That sits on your body, and it broadcasts magnetics and different waves or resonant frequencies to the body. What happens in a body when you play pulse electromagnetic field? There’s different attributes to all the things I mention. I’m going to put it all in one bucket because it’s its own podcast.


But essentially when you offer the body pulse magnetics, the cells breathe better. They start to respirate. We increase that sodium potassium channel. We increase the voltage, the milli voltage of the cell. The cell gets better charge. I have learned this from studying and I tried it and had a great effect, but I was like, why? I’m a, why person? Why is it working? Why isn’t it working? I want to know why something failed or why it was amazing.

So, cells have a net positive outside charge and a net negative inside charge. That differential or that transmembrane differential is what decides what goes in and out of the cell and how easily. If you’ve ever seen someone do live blood cell microscopy, they pull some red blood, they put it under a microscope, and you can see sometimes the red blood cells are almost stacked like a stack of coins in a casino. There’s like this viscous coagulation in the blood. It’s not very free flowing.

Diversity in AmpCoil’s Application

And if you do a session with pulse magnetics will often show an after effect of these cells pushing each other away. That is the physical representation of those cells gaining more positive charge, just like we try to push two ends of a positive battery together, or a positive magnet. They would repel each other. That’s one attribute. The cell is breathing, respirating, different voltage. When we have those elements, the cell can essentially make more adenosine triphosphate, which was the currency of the cell.


My understanding when I started to dig into this, there are thousands of studies in Eastern Europe, the Russian Bloc, Ukraine. This is something that was used extensively in the bodybuilding, weight training regime in the eighties. There’s all kinds of different applications. And they use it in Europe, much more. There’s just more freedom to experiment with stacking this on different modalities across the board – many, many different applications.

The Biggest Shift for Freddie as He Beats Testicular Cancer, Lyme, and Mold

The other thing that’s unique about AmpCoil is the sound. We’re playing different resonant frequencies, or sound frequencies. To say that a sound can be broadcast to the body, there can be change in my terrain is I am frequency. I am a collection of different oscillating patterns. And the example I give is that skin is different than teeth is different than a liver cell. Its texture is a result of its oscillating patterns.

So, like the tuning fork analogy. If I had two tuning forks and I strike one, I get waves and particles moving through space. The other tuning fork picks up the song and it knows it’s going to sing only for that A-flat that it’s tuned to. Because your liver has a resonant frequency, the idea or the belief system, I’ll say, because I know it’s a stretch for some people, is that we’d play the liver a song and we’d challenge it with a beneficial range of frequencies. And we’d be waiting for that tissue almost to sing, or open, or energetically light up, whatever that means.

What I can tell you is after four months, my realtime laboratories, (I just want to quote the right labs.), my mycotoxins were normal. All of them were normalized. Whatever pathway, that happened. Did my body naturally detox because it remembered how to work. I don’t know. My energy was not only normal but like through the roof.


I’ve been using this for three years and continuing to peel back layers and have gains from it. There’s so much application and use case. It’s like, again, it’s like AmpCoils is like its own podcast. But it was the thing that had the biggest shift for me.

Some AmpCoil Success Stories

I started to come into this community and be on these community calls, where people share what’s going on. And you would have people with Graves’ disease saying,

Detective Ev: My mom had that.

Freddie Kimmel: Saying, oh, I’m no longer having…

You know, there’s a 23, 24-year-old that works for us who’s had three heart attacks at 23, 24. Her cardiac tissue is being attacked. She’s off medications. She does her normal life now. And she doesn’t take supplements, she’s not a supplement girl. I was like, wow!

There was a woman, Katherine Abby, who I’ve since met, who was scheduled for surgery on a valve in her heart. They’re like, yeah, you don’t need surgery today. What are you doing?


And there’s lots of these stories of the body, not AmpCoil, healing. AmpCoil is a technology. I don’t think technology heals. Bigger conversation. I think the body self-corrects when we energetically allow signaling and the organs and organ systems communicate with one another.

And I just kept hearing these stories. Now I’m head over heels involved in this company. It’s one of the coolest gateway drugs/gateway technologies, to get people in the door of healing, which we could talk about. Like, what gets you excited about this stuff?

Anyways, that was a lot. What is AmpCoil?

[00:10:07] Detective Ev: Cool.

Yeah. No, no, no, but that’s important because that’s a big topic. As I’ve gotten more into the biohacking world and expanded just outside of functional medicine. Because functional medicine’s is great, but I like combining both of these things and I think they have application together.

The EMF Debate

That’s when you start hearing these words like EMFs for the first time (well, depending on what industry you came from). I was never hearing about this stuff, or non-native EMFs. I’m certainly not an expert in any of it, but I do find that there are certain things that have been said to me that helped me relate to this more. If we think of non-native electromagnetic frequencies, which for those listening was the nnEMF thing.

EMF'S, SUN IS INCLUDED, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

If you have any idea of what that is, you might think, oh, like a 5g type of thing, cell phone, whatever. But EMFs are not inherently bad. When we’re talking about electromagnetic radiation, the sun is included in that. The light that we need for our bodies to thrive and survive is needed in that.

So, there’s always been, since we’ve really started innovating world of technology, this debate between like, is this affecting us? What is happening right now? I mean, I have my computer hooked up to Ethernet. But still, there’s a Wi-Fi signal downstairs. I got this huge computer right here, even the microphone. There are frequencies given off from these things. And do they have an effect on the human body?

Humans Are Constantly Vibrating

Then even more interesting is there’s a spiritual aspect to this if some people take that route, because everything is moving. Bob Proctor, who unfortunately passed away recently (again, it wasn’t for a health perspective per se, but from a spiritual perspective), he even talked about it. He’s like, if you don’t believe your body’s moving, well, how do you turn to dust in the casket?

HUMANS ARE CONSTANTLY VIBRATING, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

How does that eventually happen? He’s like you are moving even after you’ve passed away, you’re constantly vibrating. We could see this; we do know this. But I think it’s very hard, even for someone like myself in this space, to truly comprehend just how much these frequencies are affecting us when we don’t have the privilege of working in a lab all day or having this incredible experience that you had.

The one thing I’ll ask for the listeners out there, you’re clearly well-educated in this stuff and at a pretty high level from my perspective. If we can simplify this even more, why did this work then? I know that it might be a repeating of what you said, just in different words. But why did this work when all this other stuff failed?

I know people would be like, well, he spent $11,000 on this thing, and it changed what? His frequencies? Do you have any analogies that you use to break this down for people?

You Have to Be Ready to Heal

[00:12:16] Freddie Kimmel: Yeah.

Listen, also I have to say, the price has come down since I bought it. You know, technology evolves. I’m speaking about this and there’s one side of my body, which I’m so lit up and excited about it. And there’s another side of my belief system that knows it’s not about the thing.

ENERGY BEHIND THE ACTION, BE READY, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

It’s not about the AmpCoil. Its energy behind the action in my experience. I think the reason this thing worked for me is cause I was ready. I was ready to be consistent. I was ready to be invested in the time that it took to dedicate to this modality using it three to four times a week, just like a toothbrush.

I was invested mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was committed to this, and I kept doing it because I kept having these subtle, energetic signals that this was like a thing. So, I dove in.

It is a gateway. And I think these biohacking tools, I don’t believe there’s “a” tool. I think they all work. I think they all have value. I would put none of them, including AmpCoil on a pedestal. Do I think you need this to get better if you’re struggling with chronic Lyme and mold? No. Do I think it does heavy lifting? Yes, period. I am like you; I always want to understand the why and the how and the who and the where.

Watching Brainwave States as He Beats Testicular Cancer, Lyme, and Mold

I want to know what’s happening in the body, so I am a person who tests. A great way to answer your question is like, what’s a really simple way why I had a belief system is because I tested, pre and post many, many sessions. I was looking at things like heart rate variability. And I was watching my nervous system go from a state of extreme agitation to calm and balance in 30 minutes. I was watching my ECG – predominant brainwave states.


We talk about the brain building different neurotransmitters in different phases of activation. Patrick Porter talks a lot about that with BrainTap. They have a system that does that measurement of our predominant brainwave state.

The brainwave states are Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. So, I was watching this trend to the left, which was like a sleepy brain. My brain was in Delta 20, 30, 40, 50% in the daylight waking hours, which I see all the time. I’ve done 300 scans now on this system that AmpCoil uses called HRV Vscan.

I’m watching these brainwaves start to whoa, way trend into the right. And I’m in like 79% Beta or like 43% Gamma, which is super high. That’s a very activated brain. Some people can’t handle that state.

I’m doing things like, I’m hiring thermographers to come up to the barn where I’m at with my team in Redding, Connecticut. I want to do inflammation. I want to look at side-by-side temperature comparisons on thermography. I want to run an hour of AmpCoil. I want to see what happens in the body after.

Utilizing Foundational Pieces as He Beats Testicular Cancer, Lyme, and Mold

So, we just did that with people after people. And you’d see these heat patterns just change. Something’s moving. And knowing how long it takes a typical thermography pattern to shift, sometimes it’s the same after a year. I kept confirming my bias through these scientific measurement tools, but I’ve also worked with a lot of people. So, reinforcing that through my N = 1, watching people.

There’s a nurse that I work with up in Northern Connecticut, who was, when I met her and she was getting on these support calls, was down for the count. She’d been home with her brother for five years and she went back to work this year. She didn’t do a lot. It was all like this stuff, this biohacking stuff. And again, I’ll say that for me, it works because it’s exciting. It’s fun. But what it does is it opens the door to awareness.


And for me, what that means is, I remember that I can’t bypass bare feet on the ground. I can’t bypass morning sunlight. I can’t bypass an hour of artificial blue light blast into my retina before I go to bed to disrupt circadian rhythm. I can’t bypass, or maybe I have a lackluster filter on the sink, but I have nothing on the shower. And I know I’m absorbing all these chemicals that are disrupting the biome in my gut.

It’s just like, the more I use it and the more I have my energy built bit by bit, then I’m like, okay, now I can really lean into my bullcrap where my blind spots are. As a result, my health gets better and better. My brain gets better and better. I make more money. I have better relationships.

It’s the Energy Behind the Action

So, it’s this expansion that’s come as a result of leaning into some of these things. Which for me, I love toys. I love Star Trek and Star Wars, and I’m like, here’s what we’re doing. We’re using a Tesla coil and frequency to change my state. And now I’m taking that and I’m running with it. I think that’s why it worked for me.


I try to explain to people and educate, it’s the energy behind the action. I’m living proof of that. I could never say it’s “one thing”. This was like, Ampcoil was my gateway into this world of just getting really excited and passionate about health.

[00:17:22] Detective Ev: I love that you mentioned in that way. Seriously, I’m not just being nice. There’s no one person or one company that comes to mind. We were down there, but I did notice an interesting trend because that was the first biohacking conference I’d ever been to. And it does seem like people, very understandably so, they almost fall into the same dogma that a lot of people with certain diets fall into.

One thing worked fantastic for them, so they believe, oh my God, everyone’s got to do this. Or this is the number one thing. When really, maybe it was just such a missing link for them. Or like you said, the energy and intention going behind this was so important. And that’s why, although generally speaking, of course, we advocate for more of like a paleo based or some meat included.

I have a very good friend, her name’s Connie she’s 60 years old – 12 years cancer free. And she did that through a raw vegan diet. I mean, she didn’t even use Western medicine intervention. So, it’s kind of hard to say it wasn’t the raw vegan diet. Go figure, that’s what worked for her. Maybe she was ready to heal. Maybe that was her wake-up call, like we said, there’s an energy and intention behind it.

Use Tools Appropriately

I love the people that recognize this is a really valuable tool and maybe something to use, and I’m the first one to use it. Using blue light blocking glasses like I had in our previous episode since it was later in the evening, that’s a tool. I should be in dark. I’m choosing to use a tool.

We have a light therapy studio, my buddy and I, opening up in a couple of weeks here in this local area. And it’s like, well, why would you do that? Ev, you know about the sun. I’m like, I do know about the sun and people are encouraged to do that. It’s a beautiful day today, coincidentally, in February, 65 degrees.

Like pretty much seven, eight months out of the year where I live in this Southeastern Pennsylvania region (you would know this being a former New Jersey or possibly even still New Jersey), it sucks. It sucks a lot of the year. People are not going out and exposing themselves full body to the sun. They might not even be able to do that. They might live in a townhouse. They can’t be running around naked in the snow getting that sunlight on their body. They’re going to get the cops called on them. So, it’s a tool.

CAN'T REPLICATE SUNSHINE, GET OUTSIDE, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

But always emphasizing to people (and I said this with him before we even started the studio), I need to be ethical with people. I don’t want to be open in the middle of a summer day. Get outside if it’s beautiful out. Thunderstorm, okay, cool, come do your thing. But get outside if you have the ability.

I don’t know what would be an appropriate replacement for something like AmpCoil, go do that. But use these things appropriately.

You Can’t Fake the Real Stuff

If you have the resources and money, they can be fantastic tools to heal. And for people like us that have this entrepreneurial spirit and want to engage with the world a lot (which for people who have been chronically ill can be pretty hard), I do find these biohacking tools are a great resource for people like us that might be pushing it a little bit too much sometimes. It can kind of bring us back, but we’re still sticking with those fundamentals.


You can’t replicate sunrise in the bare eyes. That’s free. Can’t be replicated. You can’t replicate standing on the earth barefoot. Like you said, you can’t replicate a true darkness, circadian darkness. You cannot fake this stuff. This is what it is right now. If you get those fundamentals, I think that’s a great thing.

Now, one question I didn’t ask you, Freddie, and I’m positive we didn’t say this before. We made the transition from conventional medicine to a “T” to the functional side. But besides the obvious of just like, okay, well I’ve been sick for a while, I’m going to try this. Do you remember what really was that first transitional time where you even think to look into diet or look into a functional medicine person, whatever it might’ve been?

I’m always so curious about those moments for people because (and I have family members that listen sometimes, so I mean this, with all due respect), I’ve had family members of mine – super intelligent, and they died from cancer in three years and never went outside of the normal conventional box. It took them to their grave. So not everyone does that.

So, I’m curious. Do you remember what are those first things?

Functional Medicine: Knowing Enough to Be Dangerous

[00:21:03] Freddie Kimmel: I think I mentioned that I switched to a paleo diet, and I had a huge reduction in inflammation. And again, you know, I think food was my starter becoming interested in the mechanics of the body, dealing with some of the chronic pain or examining that. Something I’m still learning.

Now in the last month, I’m like head over heels into knees over toes guy. I’ve been walking backwards in the park for hours and I’m pulling a sled. I’m doing hip flexor, reverse motion to fight gravity. So, I’m a lifelong learner.

FUNCIONAL MEDICINE KNOWS ENOUGH TO BE DANGEROUS SOMETIMES, FDNthrive, Heatlh Detective Podcast, don't treat the paper

I’ll be honest with you that I talk about this in presentations. Just as deleterious or ill effects that the side effects of my treatment that were long lasting – scar tissue, abdominal adhesions, chemotherapy neuropathy, the functional medicine world put in my pocketbook because I didn’t have the experience. There were a couple people that were great, and everybody meant well, but most people that I worked with in the functional medicine world knew enough to be dangerous.

They had taken a course and they had understood maybe what Schumacher’s labs for toxic mold might be, or maybe they understood that, oh, here’s a comprehensive thyroid panel, but they were still treating. They were still treating the labs and that didn’t help me feel better. It got me really excited. And I stole this from somebody, but when I would walk out of those wonderful functional medicine practitioners or functional chiropractors, I would walk out with a bag of hope, which was like $350 in supplements. And because of the biotoxin illness, I couldn’t tolerate a lot of them. I wouldn’t finish them. And I can’t tell you how many times that happened.

Seeing Some of Functional Medicine’s Flaws


What I gained from that experience was a lot of fancy labels. Functional medicine’s got way better labels for your disease states. But there’s really a lack of coherency or consistency within that educational platform, it’s just not working.

I’ve seen the studies; it does not save people money. Does not save people time. If you get lucky and get a good person who is going to really coach you, you know, coaching. I’m like, yeah, functional medicine doctor, great. Even if they’re going to spend two hours, you need accountability. Because chances are your brain is firing and wiring to reflect the mapping of all our memories. It’s like, how do I change? How do I challenge the version of being myself, which is really what healing is? That’s a good coach.

So, when I trained as a coach through the Institute for Functional Health Coaching (which I had lessons from Reed and Tracy Harrison, School of Applied Functional Medicine, University of Colorado for gut health), when I trained as a coach, over time there were enough lessons that finally, the switch flipped for me. I was like, oh wow, I get it. Now I understand. Root cause isn’t just something that’s clever. People can throw in a slide deck presentation. I watched people speak around it all the time. They’re going to talk like discovering thyroid dysfunction is the root. No, it’s not.

What I’ve found in functional medicine was a huge lack of education, which I think (I could be totally off here), I think by superpower and the fact that I’ve been gifted with cancer and Lyme and mold and thyroid dysfunction and heavy metal toxicity, is that I’ve seen the worst of the worst information and guidance. I’ve seen how flawed it is.

They Really Do Mean Well

Now from a patient, I can speak from experience and say, wait a minute. We really need to get the lifestyle, the home self-care. We need to get that in check first. I think for a lot of people that will be very helpful. I never want to speak in absolutes. I know there’s a bell curve. There’s going to be outliers, who probably, and let me just be clear, that none of this will work for, and I don’t know why. Because I’ve seen those people too. They message me on Instagram. There’s always a spectrum. So, with that being said, that is my really intense feeling about functional medicine.

DOCTORS DO CARE, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

[00:25:20] Detective Ev: Well, it’s kind of perfect. And it is sad, you know, because very few people get into medicine by accident. I would argue that it’s even more true in the functional medicine world. They really do mean well. Because you can make a ton of money either way if you’re a doctor. But now it’s even harder in a sense, cause yeah, you got to charge most people out of pocket half the time.

And I really do think they got into it for a reason. But we emphasize this so often on this podcast where I kind of actually did a whole podcast on it where I try to define the differences between what is this conventional medicine? What is this natural functional thing and what is FDN? The natural functional thing I don’t think was even supposed to start out like that.

We Can’t Treat the Paperwork

I’m a younger guy so I don’t really know. Even when I went to my naturopathic doctor, I saw a woman who meant so well and was so sweet, but she did exactly what you said. The problem in Western medicine is that they treat the paperwork.

Natural medicine has come down to treating the paperwork. These functional medicine doctors might be using fancier labs, but it’s still the same principle as this natural medicine stuff. You’re going to walk out with expensive supplements. And you know what? If you’re not particularly sick, it might make you feel a lot better for even a good chunk of time.

But for the people that we’re working with as FDNs, or coming through the FDN course, even, they’re sick as dogs. They’ve dealt with some serious stuff that has not worked, and that’s how they even find us. It’s kind of sad that they have to go all the way through all that stuff to eventually find something like this.


But I love what you said about treating the paperwork, because you can’t listen to Reed talk for more than 5, 10 minutes, I’m sure he said this on your podcast. What do we not do? We don’t treat the paperwork. We address the whole person. We address everything non-specifically. It’s not as sexy to talk about in the world of functional medicine anymore because everyone wants to get into very deep lab analysis, which we talk about.

But the fundamental thing, the thing that Reed trade-marked (well he trademarks a lot of things), but one of the main ones and first ones was the D.R.E.S.S. Protocol, which is just as simple as diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation.

The Lifestyle Stuff is Where Transformation Happens


That’s the lifestyle stuff, guys. That’s what we’re talking about. If that’s not in check, the fancy labs, the biohacks, they might help, but the sicker you get, the less you’re going to feel that help. You got to do this other stuff right.

Sometimes it’s a toxic relationship. And that kind of goes into the stress reduction thing. But yeah, if you’ve got a toxic relationship, cool. You go get your sunrise, you eat well, do all this stuff using AmpCoil, you’re still having negativity in your life 24/7. Then you’re probably thinking about that all day and it’s not a good idea.

Yes, you did mention the diet last time. I guess, not to sound like a little kid that just keeps asking why. I will challenge it one more time. Because, Freddie, some people go to the grave with cancer that are just as smart as you. I think you are highly intelligent, but there’s plenty of people, at least millions, that do have the same level of intelligence. They didn’t do that. So why even a paleo diet? Did you find a book randomly on the side of the road, did a family member do this?

I’m always obsessed with this idea of what makes someone cross that line, because intelligence does not seem to be correlated with it. I’ve seen no correlation directly with that. I like personality types and ironically, I’ve kind of seen that, which sounds funny. That’s my own bias probably. And I’m probably putting it into a mold. But I want to figure this out so that I can teach people about this on this podcast.

So, I’ll stop for a second. But I’m curious what even gets you to the device?

A Book Was All It Took

[00:28:22] Freddie Kimmel: I read a book of a woman who had been in this horrible car accident, and she had broke every bone in her body and was in chronic pain. She’s on 18 medications. That was her experience. She went to a whole food diet and had this massive reduction in pain. I wish I could remember the book, but I closed the back cover and said, I can do that. The next day I went to the grocery store, and you know what? I never ate that stuff again. Never ate bread again. That was 2003.

I was in North Carolina. It was 2009. I was in the middle of a show I was trying to do. I was performing through all these horrible things. I was doing theater, which is still amazing to me that I was in the stairwell in between changes, crying cause I was hurting so bad. Or I was laying on a towel, trying to get stuff to move by my large bowel. Then I’d be out dancing on stage. I was a mess and I was hiding a lot of it. There’s a lot to unpack there. That’s a whole other podcasts.


But I closed the book and I started. That was enough. I was like, I can do that. I read it, and it resonated with me. You know, I will say there’s a pattern here, when I hear something and I feel it, I’m going to do it. There are two types of people let’s be clear. There are people that would read that book and like, well, when I’m done with this show and life isn’t so stressful and I have a convenient kitchen and I can go source the foods that I need from the forest.

Determination Doesn’t Need a Kitchen Sink


I was in an apartment without a kitchen. It had a sink. I bought a hot plate. Cause the theater I was working at, there was a community kitchen. They were cooking double fried, chicken dumpling, cake layer, crap. And I made all my meals three to four times a day in an apartment with a vanity sink, not even a kitchen sink.

You know, I have been in hotels in San Francisco, really, really nice, like The Four Seasons, while I was working at the Orpheum Theater with Phantom of the Opera. I had been cooking salmon in a hot plate. And the housekeeping staff had went in there, like, this smells awful. What are you doing? We’re getting complaints. I’m like, I’m making clean protein. You know, get out, get out. I’m sure people have done worse things in the meat packing district in San Francisco. Let us be real with each other. That’s just the way I roll.

I have had (you’re making me remember this), I have had eye rolls. You know, you got travel boxes when you’re in a Broadway show on tour. And that crap would be packed with pans and hot plates and a Vitamix. People are like, are you really traveling? And everybody else’s case is filled with designer shoes and all the clothes they’re buying in every city. I’m like, that’s my survival box.

I had to go back to Broadway, back to music theater. Now it would be red lights and AmpCoils and ionic foot baths, and some sort of a way to do cold exposure. I don’t know how I would do that on the road, but I would figure it out. Cold shower. At very least I would be hacking that tour, you know?

A Wake-up Call, A Line Crossed, A Gut Feeling

I’m aware of what my body needs to be in this pocket of elite energy and mental clarity to be able to do all the things I do. So, I am a person that does not believe in “this has always been that way” mindset. We can talk about that first experience with a diagnostic with cancer. I’m like, great! When can I be done? When can I be back on stage? I didn’t question if. I’m like, just how long is it going to be? And I’m going to find a way to do it 110%, 2000%, however you want to frame it.

[00:31:52] Detective Ev: Wow. Okay. I appreciate that because that’s the explanation I was looking for. Because I know that there’s something more there and there’s a wake-up call where people cross this line and you read this book. And you’re like, well, crap. Maybe I could go do that.


The number one answer of all the things, a hundred something episodes. Number one answer is I just had a feeling that this didn’t make sense. We’re talking about people that are not medical professionals. They’re sick, they’re sick for a while. You know, I just had a feeling. One of my points is maybe it’s not identical here, but you basically did.

You had this feeling that, oh God, I should do that. And you did it right away. And I like to emphasize this so that people trust their guts. Now this does not mean if you’re not a medical professional, play doctor and act like you know more than every single doctor in the world. There’s a fine line here.

Realize Something is Just Not Working


I’m saying, if you’re doing what you’re told and it’s not working, stand up for yourself and have the guts to say that. I feel like, you know what, no, I’m going to go try something different. That’s what the message is. If something’s not working consistently, well, then you got to go try something else.

We don’t want to see you pass away from one of these conditions. It is sad because some people, for a variety of reasons probably, just never trust that inner instinct. And I imagine all of them had to have had it. I imagine my aunt had to have said at one point, dang this isn’t working. I’m doing exactly what I’m told here. This isn’t working, why? And you either follow it or you don’t.

What we do is we put these people in the medical profession, God bless them, they’re great people, but we put them on this pedestal in multiple ways. Because in our society, they’re winning financially, they’re at the top there. They’re winning intelligence wise, they’re at the top there. They are just status. They have the highest level of everything, in a certain sense, in a general sense. We respect them.

Many of us are too afraid to question it. But guys, remember they’re stuck in the same system that we are. How many doctors do you know, especially not in the functional space, that look like they’re sitting on the fountain of youth in the back office? They don’t, they usually look like crap themselves.

Try Something Different

This isn’t anti doctors, nothing like that. I always say this, I sound like a broken record, but you never know when someone’s just listening for the first time, I got to emphasize that. These doctors are clearly suffering too. In fact, most of them are suffering worse than us because they’re in a blue lit office all day, high stress job.

Fast food, not necessarily a McDonald’s, but something like that’s brought to the office, a delivery type of thing. Cause they got to keep going. They got to keep grinding out patients, you know? It’s not that simple. I’d love if it was, that’d be a lot easier. But no, it’s this giant system.

And if that system is not working for you, have the guts to do what Freddie did. To do what I did at one point. I wouldn’t even say I had the guts. I was just at the end of my rope to be that honest. I don’t want to give myself that much credit. But any of these other people on this podcast and just say, you know what, maybe I will keep doing what they’re saying.


I’m not giving medical advice here, but it’s not working. So, I’m also going to go explore other things and it can start with something as simple as diet. Very few people are going to get hurt by changing their diet to a whole foods type of thing, you know? And that leads me to kind of my next question here.

Technology Doesn’t Heal the Body

The AmpCoil, obviously fantastic. Paleo diet, it seems like worked really well for you. What were two or three other things that you have found that are still habits to this day, because you’ve listed off quite a few things. I’m curious what some of the top ones are. And again, guys, not medical advice. But as someone who’s dealt with cancer that you feel are like some of the most important things that you’ve done.

Then let’s also specify too, should someone (because I feel like this is worth asking), should someone with cancer be doing some of these things? I don’t know what your philosophy is. I don’t know that I’d necessarily be recommending, even if I was a doctor and had the ability to do this – someone jump in a cold plunge tank with active cancer if they’re like in the midst of chemotherapy. Like there might be a trade off with certain stressors on the body, and maybe just changing your diet is a good thing at that point.

So, two or three more things that you maybe found really effective for you. And when is appropriate to use it in your opinion (not medical advice)?


[00:35:28] Freddie Kimmel: Not medical advice – 100%. What I say with AmpCoil, we don’t work with disease. It’s a wellness technology that works with the body’s natural mechanisms, pathways of self-healing, period. You know, it’s not a disease targeter. From my experience, I said this before, technology doesn’t cure disease.

It’s the body that heals. It’s the body that heals a broken bone. The doctor may set that bone. It’s the body that’s sending collagen like structure calcium, minerals, nutrients, magnesium to that break to re-spindle those osteoblasts together stronger than it was before. I think we forget that the body has this incredible ability to heal.

Things Are Different in Our Society

Now let’s also have the conversation. I know you’re like Freddie, gimme, just give me two or three more things. Let’s have the conversation.

[00:36:13] Detective Ev: Oh no, I’m sorry. I was saying that in the sense of how true it is. We talk about all the time. If I cut my finger, I don’t have to tell my body to do anything. It heals. I can prove to anyone that there’s an innate healing ability. We just don’t always apply it to these diseases.

[00:36:23] Freddie Kimmel: Yeah. Yeah. But also let’s have the conversation about the world we live in. Because the number of synthetic chemicals that are proved for consumer use, industrial use, building materials are in the body.

A COPY OF A COPY OF A COPY, FDNthrive, Heatlh Detective Podcast

And some would argue that those affect the way my immune system responds or functions. Some would argue it affects my body’s ability to mount an immune response. Maybe there’s an argument to make the case of a heavy-handed immune response on one side of the body, the T1, T2. We could have those conversations and just say the advice that worked for grandma and grandpa is not going to work for you or me, because I am a Polaroid of a Polaroid of a Polaroid. It’s a crappier image of a crappier image. And I am the physical manifestation in a vibrating pattern that is my generation’s unhealed trauma in physical incarnates.

I am a protein expression with a soul, I believe. We’re dealing with different rules, it’s a different body. We need to look to the future to technology. So, I just want to layer in. It’s not weird. It’s a new conversation. And it’s an important one just to be open-minded about.

Power to Make Decisions About Your Health

You know, the, when do you use this? When do you not use this? Again, wellness tool. You know, AmpCoil has guidelines for when and not to use things. It’s always, consult your medical professional because that’s the system we’re in. So, I want to be really clear on that as well. It may be that guiding professional does not have an expertise, but that is the gatekeeper right now.

If you want to talk medicine and treatments, that is a medical doctor. If you want to talk wellness, that’s your choice. At the end of the day, I always forget this, that I make the decisions about my body. I know sometimes I feel like the doctor could be calling the shots and especially when I think back to cancer, in no way did I think I had the power to say, no.


Never thought I had that power. I was too scared. I was too young. I was not educated at that point. But you have the power to make the decisions about your health, 100%. That is what this country is based on.

Red Light Therapy

So, with that being said, what I want to say, other technologies that I think have been radically transformative to me are red light therapy. I love the big light panels, there’s Joovv, Lightpath LED, BioLite. There’s so many out there. But I really like light therapy. And red light for me, I think it’s why I look like I look at 44. Because I’ve done that for a while now.

And it’s something that’s a daily practice for me. Again, I can test voltage, I can test predominant brainwave states. I can test patterns of inflammation with all these fancy tools I have in my apartment. I see what the red light does. I’m a huge believer and it’s so easy and it’s so fun. And if you’re on social media, it’s fun to post naked pictures in front of the red light, obviously we have to watch out for some certain parts. But for me, it’s another great gateway biohacking device.


It’s about a thousand-dollar price point if you get a full body situation. Your family will benefit joy, mood, circadian rhythm, circulation, the raw materials for adenosine triphosphate, which is the building block of energy in the cell. They’re just so easy. So, I love this one.

I love Lightpath LED because they add that frequency component. They pulse from 0 to 10,000 Hertz. If you look at some of the studies coming out about 10 Hertz pulse rate, 40 Hertz pulsed, into the brain, great effects with PTSD, for soldiers, trauma, different levels of healing on the mental, emotional. Because what I’ve researched is that the cells communicate through pulsed light.

The body communicates through pulsed subtle electromagnetic fields, and that is cellular communication. When we can mimic a pulse, we’re also leaning into nature, which we’ve designed ourselves out of in these comfortable little boxes at 72 degrees.

Deliberate Cold Exposure

The other thing that I absolutely love, which is new for me (I’m going to just name two more), is the deliberate cold exposure. Now, I’ve been doing this for a couple years, but I’ve since built an ice plunge in my backyard. And I found a company that built me a water chiller. I’ve added an ozone machine and a filter and a jacuzzi pump in a barrel. So, anytime I want, any minute of the day, I have sub-40-degree, usually 35-to-36-degree water, where I sit in for three minutes, five minutes.


I’ll do alternating hot and cold. There is incredible science to support the management of nervous system tone, the conversion of brown adipose tissue. We want our adipose tissue to be brown, so healthy brown fat, which is more mitochondrial dense. There is wonderful information to support autoimmunity, chronic inflammation, even the management of exposure to different bacteria. Which they’ve done wonderful studies on, stacking breathwork and cold exposure to mitigate an inflammatory response to biotoxins.

It’s really wild this stuff on that. It sounds terrible and painful, but it’s a daily practice for me. And what I’ve noticed, I want to say it’s an anti-fragility practice. I believe and I see, especially in social media, I’m like, Ooh, we’re so fragile.

Reframe How We View Our Luxuries

Think back to the feudalistic era where there’s a king and a queen. I know we say how bad the narrative is, how bad life is. I hope I didn’t tell this story on Podcast One. How bad life is like, how unfair it is, how burdened we are, how terrible the human experiences. Well, go back to the feudalistic era, where there was a royal family and everybody else worked to back-breaking labor and died at 33 from the plague.

IONIC FOOT BATH, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

Now we have boxes of information that I can ask it any question I want. You know, hot showers, plumbing, sewage treatment. I could just do the basics. We have more access to joy, but we’re more likely to kill ourselves in this day and age than we ever have been. So, I want people to think about that when we tell ourselves how bad life is.

Cause I call bullcrap on that. I know it’s different. I know technology doesn’t always improve. I know we’re separate, but we also have to take ownership and awareness around the access to luxury and free time we have. I know that’s not made us happier. But to pluck a person from 1492 and put them in this apartment with these luxuries, they’d be like, not only was I a royalty, I’m some alien life form planet where life is offering me everything, food in a cold box.

Anyways. So, a reframe for people.

Cellcore & Bioactive Carbons

And the last thing I’ll mention that I really am liking right now, really liking, is (sort of in the supplement, sort of the technology) is this idea of bioactive carbons, or different supplements that have been altered with lights and lasers. Cool company I’m working with, Cellcore, that is doing this new type of binder to form covalent bonds with environmental toxins and to pull them out of the body.

For me, that’s like kind of technology. They’re playing around with some cool new stuff. Somebody that struggled with biotoxin illness and Lyme in the past, I’ve never really been able to tolerate binders. When we’re working with these chemical structures of carbons (I’m a carbon being essentially) and challenging the rhetoric around pH in the supplement, like the idea that things need to be alkaline to be good.

Well, my understanding, again, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a scientist, but I did work in an engineering firm with my dad growing up. I do understand pH is really the potential of hydrogen. So, what that means to me is potential energy. An alkaline substance has no energy. There’s nothing there. Something at the bottom of the scale has an incredible amount of energy.

CELLCORE, SUPPLEMENTS, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

So, if we think about that with our supplementation in these carbons that this cool company is making to bind and help the body de burden toxicity. I’ve had a great experience playing around with those. And this is only, this is like six months for me. So, I’m kind of new in it. But it’s been another really cool one as far as how we can assist the body with these unnatural elements of toxicity.

Ionic Foot Bath

So, those are my big ones right now. I have so many, I mean, we could do a whole nother podcast just on biohacking tech and things I love. Like, I love that I have a machine that can measure real-time HRV and ECG. That’s so neat to me.

IONIC FOOT BATH, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

I love an ionic foot bath, which adds positive ions to the body. And I’ve also seen that one on CNN as total witchcraft bullcrap woo-woo. And then I have friends on it that have come over, I mean healthy friends, they are out. They are passed out because they got so many positive ions in a 30-minute session. It was like going to the beach for a hundred days. And their nervous system is like, I’m so happy. I’ve had women cry on this thing cause it’s such a heart opener for them. I’m watching it be very helpful.

Driving Division Based on a Flawed Belief System

I know we’re in such a challenging world where we want to label things. I got so triggered yesterday. A woman called out Dr. Oz for questioning a popular narrative that she didn’t agree with. She was just like, I reported him to the board because I think he’s wrong and we all need to do this.

SOCIAL MEDIA, DRIVING DIVISION, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

And this comment thread was like watching a witch hunt. People like, yes, girl he’s bad. I don’t like him either. And I was like, why are medical professionals driving division on social media based on a belief system that, from my reading and understanding, is flawed. At the very least, the very least say, like, I don’t agree with him. But to call him out and say he needs to be punished because of my belief system shows a total lack of humility.

Like someone is the keeper of truth. Like there’s a silo of truth. I want to beat my head against the wall with that. I am like, never want to speak I know anything. I use it, I try it on my body. I see benefit. I want to explore it more. Maybe in 10 years we understand that there’s something better or it was flawed, but that’s all I can go on is my subjective experience at the end of the day as we’re co-creating reality.

[00:46:36] Detective Ev: Yeah. Wow. I mean, you know, I would like to get these two parts out, but obviously, it’s so clear. We’ll have you back on as a guest, again. This is so much fun talking to you.

Ego’s In the Mix

But I want to address that last point, for sure, because again, we could spend 10 minutes on any point really. It’s not something we talk about much on the show. I think people can use their heads into what we’re getting at. Especially if you follow what Dr. Oz has been doing. And you might disagree with it. You might agree with it. It’s not really the point.

The point of what you were saying is somehow, especially over the last two years, there has been this narrative put out that there is, like you said, silo of truth. And anything against this is a bat. It’s scary, it’s wrong. And it’s a million other negative adjectives that we could come up with. That is really scary, especially in the world of science. I’m like, what are we doing?

EGO GETS IN THE WAY, TRUTH, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

Now, people are getting their ego so deeply involved in it, it’s completely taking away the ability for people to comfortably say, you know, oh, I got new information, so I changed my opinion. You can’t really do that anymore. And I’ve very rarely say this stuff on the podcast, but I will today.

New Info, New Opinion

I thank God I took a picture of this, cause I took a picture for another reason. It had nothing to do with this at the time. No one could have possibly predicted how big this was going to be, and I’m referring to COVID. But it was February 29th, 2020. So, remember there is no lockdowns, I’m getting on a plane to go to Florida, packed plane. And I have a n95 on. One other person has a cloth mask on that plane and the rest of the plane, including the flight attendants and the captains as far as I could tell, are not wearing masks at all. Now, people, oh, you’re a functional practitioner, that kind of surprises me.

I didn’t think you’d be like that. Well, I didn’t have any information about this. So, I’m in this space. I’m worried. Freddie, honestly, I was worried about like an antibiotic resistant superbug at the time, because we didn’t know anything about COVID. I was like, oh, I’m like, this is it. This is it. We pushed it too far.

MASK OR NO MASK, FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

This is it. I’m doing anything I can to protect myself and be safe. And then as I got more information over time with this specific virus, for me personally, I’m not worried about wearing a mask anymore. I don’t really care about that whatsoever. That’s me personally. Didn’t say that applies to everyone. But I got new information and I’m able to change my opinion.

Ruler of all Other Sciences?

But what happened to most people (and this is an example of what you were getting at, but just kind of a different thing), people fell into this narrative. And they started wearing masks, when? When they said that they were supposed to. And you’ll stop when you’re supposed to. And you’ll do this when you’re supposed to, and you’ll do this when you’re supposed to. Because again, it’s coming from the silo of truth.

SCIENCE, TRUTH, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

It’s like, woe. Who made you guys God, and decided that you choose what science is actually science and that your science is the ruler of all other science? I’m like, oh my goodness. And this is not a political statement because if you guys knew what I’m registered as, it would probably surprise you. But I’ve been very disappointed in the side that I’m registered in. I’ll just say that with these particular issues, so you can use your head and get what I’m saying at.

But, of course, it’s not a political podcast, so I don’t need to get too deep into that. But I do get what you’re saying and it’s scary. And this is a platform which I love being able to host because even if it’s indirectly, I think this is a place where we get people to think for themselves, to think outside the box, and really do their own research.

Guys, you do not have to be a genius or a PhD to learn how to read a dang study and figure out stuff. It might not be fun to read a study. That might not be something you want to do on your Friday night. No, you do not have to be Einstein though, to learn how to read studies.

Scientific Literacy


In fact, if you really want, it’s $97 to the public. Search FDN advanced courses. Thankfully they just published one of these and anyone can do this. You don’t have to be an FDN. You can buy our advanced course module for how to interpret studies. So literally someone will show you all this different stuff, how to break it down, what it is, what it isn’t. That is a very valuable tool to have in today’s world. Could you imagine if they taught that in school to kids, how to read a dang scientific study? We’d be a whole different world.

He’s On the AmpCoil Team

Again. Yeah, we could go off forever on that. But somehow, we’ve already talked for almost 50 minutes on this one. So, I want to make sure we’re finishing up with two things. One is the obvious one. What do you exactly offer? And where can people find it? Because I know that you’re a podcast host yourself. I know that you do stuff with AmpCoil. So, feel free to take as much time as you need, but like, what do you do? What do you offer? And then where can people find those things?

BUILDING CHARACTER FOR AMPCOIL, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

[00:50:39] Freddie Kimmel: Yeah, I am on the AmpCoil team. I’m committed to building education for this top technology, making it available to everybody who wants to try it. Really deepening the understanding on how it plays a role in our wellness.

So if you reach out to AmpCoil, you’re going to find me. I always tell people, if you’re interested in learning about the tech, we have a “contact us” page, there’s a scheduling link. We would just do a zoom. We’ll do a 20-minute zoom. I ask people, it’s like, what are you, what’s wrong? What are you struggling? What have you done?

Where to Find Freddie


And I am the first person to undersell tack. Like the last thing I want to do, believe me, is send you home with something that is not in your price range or is not the right fit for you at this time. I really do try to frame realistic expectations for people with this.

You can also find me on The Beautifully Broken Podcast, Season Four, which is dedicated to putting the broken pieces of the body back together. It’s like that process of healing. What does that look like? It’s different for everybody. We talk about tech, modalities, biohacking. I have survivors on all the time of sexual trauma and cancer and chronic illness and Lyme disease, and you name it.

So, you’re going to get a little bit of everything. I always ask people, well, what did you do? What did you use? What were your tools? And I try to keep a healthy dose of that next level of what is coming down the pipe, as far as tools we can use at home – ways we can garnish information about the terrain at home, and that’s free.

I’m 111 episodes in. We’re just kicking off Season Four and I love it. It’s my favorite thing to do. I’m calling it in. I want an angel investor. I want to do it full-time. So, we’re building that massively, me and my team. So those are the two big ones.

And the next thing I’ll say is that on Instagram is freddiesetgo, F R E D D I E S E T G O. And that’s my website. It’s really just engagement with people. I am a big believer in patient advocacy. I coached for a long time and because of the podcast and AmpCoil, I’m not doing that at this time.

Wanting to be Heard

Once in a while, people will message and say, hey, can I have a consult? And I will point you in the direction of an incredible coach to the level of FDN or SAFM or IFC, whatever is the right fit for you. So, I have a great network of people that often moves people forward. But those are really the big three is like social media, freddiesetgo, AmpCoil, or The Beautifully Broken Podcast.


My one frustration is that I can’t amplify the message faster and to more people. I think there’s a degree of all of us on the planet that just want to be heard right now. I really want to be heard. I want that. Somebody who listens to this, you might say, oh man, how can I help this guy? Leave a review on the podcast – on Apple Podcast. That’s like the most magical thing for the analytics. We’re all playing that game of how do we get heard.

And this year I’m speaking a lot. I’m at MagnaCon in Louisville, Kentucky. MagnaWave is a high powered PEMF device. One of my favorites. I’m at the biohacking Congress in Las Vegas, Boston, and Miami. I am going to be at The Wow Factor weekend in Austin, Texas. This weekend, probably this podcast will be gone, but it’s a big bio-hacking weekend for 30 women wanting to get into the biohacking space. There’s lots of stuff coming up in the next year. So, there’ll be lots of live events.

My Passion Project

LIFE IS MY PASSION, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

Yeah, I’m so excited. I said to somebody yesterday, I just want more hours in the day cause I’m so full of fire and amplitude about what I’m doing in life. What a cool thing to have a passion. My life is my passion project. It’s not like, oh, I got to go to work and get done so I can go do this.

I like it and love it all and the people that I work with. So, I’m really freaking lucky to be healthy enough to do all this, have the energy to do all this, and just to be landed in this magical little circle of people who are trying to change the world. I’m like filled with gratitude.


[00:54:34] Detective Ev: Man, I know that we have different health stories. But what you just said at the last part there, I couldn’t resonate with more. It’s just, it is funny. It’s quite a phenomenon. There’s not enough hours in the day because I just want to keep going. Like, I love what we’re doing. I love what we’re engaging with.

It’s interesting, as someone who’s been through almost a death sentence with what you had and someone who’s had extreme, suicidal ideations from very severe mental health issues, you know? I always look back and because it doesn’t happen over one night, I’m like, how was I the same guy that wanted to drive his car off the road, that now wants to be here as long as possible, just because I’m having fun. I’m enjoying what we’re doing. I love getting to talk to people like you.

Do What You Love Doing in Life

And it’s a tough question because we had someone else on the show whose son passed away. Would we change this if we could? Well, probably in a sense. It’s not like you want your son to pass away. But it doesn’t mean that you’re not thankful for the experience because you couldn’t be the Freddie that you are today without the things that you’ve experienced.

I couldn’t be the Evan that I am today. And you know what, man? It’s tough to see it in the moment. Word, that worked out because yeah, it’s fun to actually love life. And you see people that they might not have ever been sick, but they’re dreading going to their nine to five. Then they have to get home and use these coping mechanisms that are just forms of escapism because they hate that job so much.


It’s a vicious cycle. I’m not condemning anyone, but it’s a side note. If you’re not in the health space or you’re not doing what you feel aligned with, figure out some plan. Because I got into self-help stuff before I got into health stuff, that was at 18. And someone basically said (it was some self-help quote, but it stuck with me) that the time’s going to pass anyway, so figure it out.

I thought about that. I’m like, well, even if it takes me till 30 to do what I want to do. I’m 30. Some people are going to be 70 and not doing what they want to do. That doesn’t make sense to me. I might as well try. And you know what the truth is? If you go in with that mindset, chances are, you could probably figure it out a lot quicker than you think.

Freddie’s Magic Wand-Breathe

Am I doing everything I want to be doing every second of every day? No, I’m pretty close to be dead honest, but no. You don’t really care as much because I’m still getting to do bits and pieces of the things that I want to do. I know that you’re living in alignment, man. It’s just beautiful.

I had to end on that note, but I have one final question for you. I swear. It’s the signature question we ask on the Health Detective Podcast. Obviously, we didn’t ask it in Episode One and it’s as simple as this. If I could give Freddie a magic wand and you could get every single person in this world to do one thing for their health or get them to stop doing one thing, what’s the one thing Freddie would get them to do?

DEEP BREATHING, HEALTH, FDNthrive, Health Detective Podcast

[00:56:52] Freddie Kimmel: I think the one thing that I would ask everybody on the planet to do is. Oh, man. It’s so hard to pick one. I’m going to pick one. I’m going to pick one. I’m going to go against my gut. My gut was breathe. My gut was to take in a deep breath every hour, do an eight count in, hold for two, and out for eight, and hold for two. You would be a different human being if you did that every hour on the hour.

Because as human beings, we tend to ride the adrenaline rocket, the cortisol rocket towards bedtime. And then we wonder why we can’t just shut it off. Humans were designed to eat, sleep, play, make love, and roam around the world. We don’t live that way.

Freddie’s Magic Wand – Remove Judgement

It’s a different world. So, the rules that applied to your genetic design haven’t changed that much. We’re not living in alignment or resonance with that fact, that truth. We’ve got to work with these aspects of downregulation.

I totally cheated. I’m gonna give you two. The other thing I would ask is that when you listen to another human being on social media in real time, when we’re talking and you’re engaging in their eye and you’re really present with them, you’re not just waiting for your turn to talk.


Try every time you listen to pull away judgment of what they’re saying. If we could remove judgment and just feel into the reality that they have a different upbringing, set of experiences, financial income, housing, relationship status than you do. Just be so humble about that. If we just remove judgment, I don’t think we’d have war anymore.

I don’t think there’d be famine and I don’t think there’d be kids locked in cages. I think that would all resolve because we would have this self-realization – wow, wow, everybody’s struggling. Everybody’s having a weird time on this rock, spinning around a ball of fire in the middle of a universe. Who knows what’s beyond that?

We’re all walking each other home in this human experience. Nobody gets out alive. Nobody’s taking all the money, or the rockets or the boats or the Teslas and putting them in a case somewhere. And you don’t end Monopoly with a stack of cash. We all will go with nothing. And just remember that.

I think that would be such a great little mantra if we broke out that soundbite and played it to people on your morning alarm – I am removing judgment every time when I engage with another human being and I am pulling that out of my listening toolbox. I would respond in a different way. I think that would be just a transformational thing for the human race.


[00:59:34] Detective Ev: One, way to give a great unique answer. No one said that in a hundred something episodes, and I think that’s very powerful. I hope people understand how much that is related to our overall health. But number two, Freddie, thank you so much for joining us on the podcast, man.

[00:59:46] Freddie Kimmel: This has been so fun. I can’t wait to have you on my show.

[00:59:49] Detective Ev: All right, guys. Well, thank you so much for listening to another episode of the Health Detective Podcast. And, Freddie, man, thank you for coming on and just doing your thing. This was absolutely incredible. One of the most, if not the most intense story I have ever heard on this show. With the people that we’ve interviewed and the things that they’ve dealt with, my friend, that is saying something.


So, I think you’re doing a service to the world by simply sharing your story. I won’t go through the whole quote, but I may have mentioned this on the podcast many, many episodes ago. One of my favorite quotes, if not the favorite quote that I have of all time is, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.”

There’s more to that quote. But my goodness, if Freddie Kimmel is not the epitome of that quote, I don’t know who is, my friends. I hope you enjoyed this just as much as myself. If you think this information needs to be shared with others, if they deserve to hear these types of stories so that they know that there are other things that they can do for these very severe health issues.

Please consider leaving us a five-star review on both Apple Podcasts and or Spotify. We would appreciate that and love you even more than we already do. I’m looking forward to talking to you guys again soon. Until then, take care.

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