Functional Lab Testing The Science of Why
THE SCIENCE OF WHY Each of us has felt ill at some point and made a trip to the doctor. Every doctor is different, but for the most part, we’ve all had the same experience. The doctor will ask what is bothering you and what symptoms you are experiencing. He or she may run some basic tests to verify what condition you have, and what type of medication to prescribe, if any, at what dosage
A Great Source of Natural Probiotics FDN
Probiotics have become a popular health topic, and although a lot of people are taking probiotic supplements, many of them don’t know what probiotics actually are, why they’re beneficial, and what the best sources of them are. The term probiotic, meaning “for life” in Greek, was originally intended to identify the microorganisms that support good intestinal health. Probiotic supplements have become so common that they have now become the more dominant definition, but this doesn’t
Why Digestive Enzymes are Critical to Your Health FDN
Good health is dependent on properly digesting and absorbing the food we eat, and in turn, this ability is dependent on the availability of digestive enzymes. Although you’ve probably heard of digestive enzymes, chances are that your diet is deficient in them and that your potential for optimal health is being compromised as a result. Enzymes are proteins that facilitate chemical reactions. Nearly every biological function of a cell depends on enzymes, and as such,
Health Impacts of Daylight Savings Time
While there are mixed opinions on the benefits of daylight saving time, there’s undeniable evidence that it can have a notable impact on your health.   History of Daylight Saving Although daylight saving affects life in a variety of ways, including health and even crime, it’s original intention has always been to save money. In the late 1800s, Benjamin Franklin realized that many people were staying awake well past sunset and awaking well after sunrise.
12 Reasons Saturated Fats are Good for You
For more than half a century, saturated fat has been regarded as a deadly nutrient that clogs your arteries and causes heart disease. However, when you consider the fact that we’ve been eating saturated fat for millions of years, it just doesn’t make sense that it could be so unhealthy. Modern science often neglects the importance of nature and this is one of the more prominent examples. Many reputable sources of information are now revealing
7 Ways Weve Failed at Trying to Outsmart Nature
With our high level of intelligence and the vast amount of technological innovation that we enjoy today, it’s ironic that excellent health is so elusive to so many people. Without any of the modern technology that we rely on today, our primitive ancestors were able to enjoy exceptional health and rarely encountered the many chronic and debilitating conditions that are so common today. These people had an intimate knowledge of nature and a tremendous appreciation