Why Counting Calories is a Bad Way to Lose Weight FDN
Almost everyone knows that doing more exercise and reducing calorie consumption will promote weight loss. But if weight loss is this simple, then why are so many people failing miserably despite their desperate efforts? While it may be a result of laziness for some, it’s more often a result of calorie restriction and exercise being used inappropriately. Despite how many people make drastic but temporary changes to lose weight, long term success is highly dependent
The Egotistical Nature of Modern Medicine
If you think that you can trust any medical professional based only on their credentials and the assumption that your welfare is their top priority, the following story might upset you. The best doctors and specialists are those who are open minded and are willing to do and try whatever is necessary and reasonable to provide their patients with the best care possible. Unfortunately, the prestige and dogma that often characterize the medical profession tend
Optimal Health Do You Know
Modern society has come to accept a pretty dismal state of health as being normal. Complaints like fatigue, pain, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and indigestion are considered a typical part of each day. More serious issues such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, and depression are common as well. Even major life threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer have become prevalent. In fact, heart disease and cancer barely existed less than a century ago
Brain Fog Part Two FDN

September 30, 2015

Brain Fog: Part 2

(Did you miss Part 1? Read it here!) Brain fog affects millions of people of all ages. It is true that age is a contributor to cognitive decline.  However, those “senior or spacey moments” actually have less to do with the number of years you’ve been on the planet than they do with your overall health. This troublesome lapse of cognitive ability is a condition called brain fog. What is Brain Fog? Brain Fog is
Adrenal Fatigue Whipping a Tired Body FDN
Due to the fast paced and convenience driven lifestyle that has become so common, few of us are as healthy as we think. In a world where nearly everyone is run down, it’s easy to accept as normal. But in reality, this is a compromised state of health that deprives you of a much better quality of life and can eventually lead to serious disease.   What is Adrenal Fatigue? Although not formally recognized by
Brain Fog Part One FDN
What Causes Brain Fog? It happens to the best of us.  Everyone, from time to time, suffers from a little lapse in mental clarity. We’ve all had moments where we forgot a name, misplaced our keys, had trouble producing a word, or just felt a bit hazy. We often joke about experiencing “senior moments” and feeling “spacey.”  However, if you are having regular bouts of memory loss, feeling lost or confused, or having trouble concentrating, it