Is Your Gluten Free Diet Harming Your Health
As more people become aware of gluten intolerance and realize how common it is, many of them are inspired to try a gluten free diet. However, few of these people realize that following a gluten free diet is just one aspect of healthy eating. Following a gluten free diet is a great way to embrace a healthier lifestyle and make significant health improvements, but unfortunately, many people simply seek out gluten free forms of the same
How to Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet
Refined sugar and refined carbohydrates are responsible for much of the poor health and disease that are so prevalent today, but because they’re so addictive and exist in so many processed foods, many people have a difficult time avoiding them. While there are plenty of reasons to eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates, the chances of successfully eliminating them from your diet aren’t good unless you have a solid understanding of what foods to eat instead, how
What You Should Know About Essential Fatty Acids
Although the importance of essential fatty acids has become a mainstream topic, many people still don’t know exactly what they are or why they’re important. As a result, it’s common for such people to be consuming them in imbalanced or inadequate amounts and be wasting money on supplements that they don’t need. As with most widespread health information, the food industry takes full advantage of the benefits and popularity of essential fatty acids by using
The Dangers of Consuming Aspartame
Aspartame, more commonly known as the brand names NutraSweet or Equal, is an artificial sweetener that’s commonly found in many diet sodas and other low calorie products. Aspartame is a dangerous substance that should have never been approved, and because of the modern obsession with restricting calories, millions of people are risking their health by consuming the many products that contain it. Aspartame has been reported to have upwards of 100 side effects, many of
The 7 Foundational Factors of Optimal Health
With the prevalence of poor health and disease in today’s society, it’s evident that many people are not properly caring for themselves. They often blame their poor health on genetics and circumstance, but in most cases, this is an excuse that will prevent them from ever achieving better health. Modern medicine is so focused on chasing symptoms that good health is often considered to be elusive and highly complicated. This is unfortunate because excellent health
6 Big Differences Between Good Practitioners and Great Practitioners
As health practitioners, we desire to see our clients achieve their goals. Health coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, naturopaths, functional doctors, and holistic practitioners dedicate their lives to helping others look and feel their best. It is their purpose, their passion, and their gift. They pride themselves on producing results. Seeing a client’s transformation is, quite possibly, one of their greatest rewards. Conversely, when a client struggles and does not reach his or her goal, despite