Why Be a Functional Health Coach FDN
Why Be a Functional Health Coach? We’ve grown accustomed to conventional medicine. Spending a few minutes with a doctor and leaving with a script for a prescription, hoping it will alleviate a symptom. Or, perhaps leaving the office having heard that everything looks normal and you’re healthy! Only to be driving home with the nagging question, “If I’m healthy, why do I feel so lousy?” We’ve become a little numb, a little misguided in what
Surprising stuff hiding in your food
Food It fuels our bodies and minds, stimulates our senses, and keeps hunger at bay. Food has become so much more than a source of nutrition. Food can be a source of pleasure, but can also be a source of pain. When used correctly, food can be the most powerful medicine. Unfortunately, some foods can also be poisons. Wait a minute…poison in our food? Don’t we have government agencies to ensure that our food is
Osteoporosis Its NOT a Bone DiseasePart 2
In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how humans are naturally built with bones that rival even the strongest man made materials like steel and concrete. Yet today, over 45 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis – and its getting worse. Today, we’re going to look beyond the bones themselves to find out the cause of these brittle bones. Identifying the Real Problem From the FDN perspective, osteoporosis is not THE problem – rather, it is a response