The Connection Between Liver and Thyroid Disorder
If you read What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Thyroid Disorder, then you know that classic thyroid symptoms such as weight gain, cold hands and feet, low energy and fatigue, dry skin, brain fog, poor memory, depression, hair loss, and digestive issues might not be caused by the thyroid at all. While these symptoms can be caused by issues with the thyroid, they can also be the result of an imbalance. Imbalances in the
Healthy Summer Party Tips
The summer party season is upon us! Impromptu pool parties with neighbors, and barbeques that are tradition with family and friends are fun, but they can sabotage your health efforts. Here are some healthy summer party tips so that you can enjoy, eat and still feel like a part of the party! You don’t need to avoid summer parties! But it is important for you to plan ahead! Many of these parties serve foods filled with
Top Signs of a Hormone Imbalance FDN
Typically, when most people think about hormone imbalance, they think primarily that women are affected. But although this may be the stereotype, it is not just women who are struggling. And if you do struggle with hormone imbalance you don’t have to be “stuck” with it, and you don’t have to continue to “live with it” either! Here are some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance. Women Weight Gain Fatigue Cravings Depression, anxiety Irritability, tearful
Practitioner Spotlight Sonya Catterfeld BSc FDN P MT Advisor
Sonya had been very ill for three years and worked with multiple doctors before she realized that conventional medicine just didn’t have anything for her. She wanted to find the root cause for her illness and truly overcome her diseases. Sonya eventually found a doctor who required her to do Metabolic Typing  before working together. Within a week she was already seeing the difference. The improvement to her health at that time was so dramatic
10 Healthy Travel Snack Ideas
Summertime is here in the US, and with the hot summer months comes plenty of family vacations and travel, which can be a nightmare when it comes to eating healthy.  Many times, vacation time also means fast food and highly packaged and processed convenience foods that can leave you with indigestion and feeling poorly! And it’s even more of a struggle if someone in your family has a food intolerance, because the most common intolerance
7 Benefits of Working with a Functional Health Coach
Have you ever considered working with a functional health coach?  You’ve had some nagging health complaints and aren’t feeling as healthy and full of energy as you’d like to feel. You’ve visited your doctor to rule out major health issues and he’s recommended that you watch what you eat, start exercising and reduce stress. So you’ve tried dieting and exercise, but can’t seem to stick with it for the long run, and just wind up