Functional Diagnostic Practitioner going over test results
20 years ago, most people had likely never heard of health coaches. But now in the US, the health coaching industry has grown into a $7 billion dollar industry. And health coaching is expected to continue to grow. Those who pursue training in health coaching have a desire and passion to help others stop struggling with health issues and feel good again. And health coaches play a vital role in providing support and accountability for
female nurse dealing with pandemic stress looking out the window
There has never been a greater need for health coaches than there is now. And that need will continue to climb over the coming years and decades. With the spread of COVID-19, we’ve faced unprecedented challenges. And our way of living has changed in ways that are unsettling for most. The uncertainty and fear of living in a pandemic brought with it a level of chronic stress that few of us have experienced in our
   In Episode 15 I have my first guest, Reed Davis, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) founder. We sit down to talk about functional labs, health entrepreneurs, the difference between health coaching and becoming an FDN practitioner and so much more !
   In this episode we talk about: What inspired Reed to create FDN Why tests are so important for identifying underlying causes What types of “functional labs” does Reed recommend How Reed sees the future of medicine and healing How does conventional medicine fit into the big picture of the healing model Asking “why” we and/or our children have a health issue, and finding solutions based on the “why” Understanding the effect of epigenetics, and
On today’s episode Reed shares highlights from decades of experience in the health industry to help you understand what it takes to become the health coach you hope to be.
Do you know that you could and should feel better than you do? Are you ready to figure out what’s going on inside of you? Learn why you should test, not guess! when trying to get to the root cause of your issues. Do you have a desire to share your health journey success and help others reclaim their health? If so, you should consider becoming certified in functional diagnostic nutrition. It’s a super rewarding