Health Coaching Families Health Coaching Families With so much to do and so little time, parents are turning to health coaches for simple solutions that can help create healthy habits for the whole family. As a family health coach, you can make a dramatic difference for families by supporting them in the areas of lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. A health coach aids families in: setting family health goals learning easy lifestyle habits that will
Part-Time Health Coaching Business Part-Time Health Coaching Business Many new health coaches feel most comfortable starting out with a part-time coaching business. If you are new to health coaching, and are not ready to take the full-time plunge, here are some ways you can build your part-time health coaching practice. 1. Start with one client. Your first client will help clarify how much time you need to set aside in your schedule and what priorities
Launching Your Online Health Coaching Program Today health coaches are building their careers from all around the globe by working with clients online. Adding online health coaching to your practice will open up a world of possibilities and opportunities to dramatically increase your reach and earning potential. Here are 7 tips for launching your online health coaching program. 1. Create your health coaching program by mapping out 6-12 topics you know are KEY to your
7 Important Features To a Successful Health Coaching Website Whether you are new to health coaching or have been coaching for decades, a great website should be at the top of your list for marketing your business. Here are 7 important features of a successful health coaching website. 1. Your call to action or ‘Schedule Now’ must be completely obvious to new clients. 2. Your website navigation or ‘menu’ should be simple and well organized,
The Great Health Coaching Program Do you want to be a great Health Coach? Great Health Coaches have four things in common. 1. Great Health Coaches practice what they preach. They excel at personal self-care and self-growth, which brings positive energy to their Health Coaching client relationships. 2. Great Health Coaches put their passion into growing their business. They not only have a passion for health and wellness, but also direct their energy, passion, and
Health Coaches Help Doctors According to a study published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, Health Coaching conducted by nurses or medical assistants is an effective measure for preventing or managing chronic illness. Health coaching is an effective patient engagement strategy, placing disease and health management directly into the patient’s hands while guiding them through the process. Health Coaches focus on internal motivation and encouragement, and act as the catalyst to