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Managing Your Stress as a Health Coach


Managing Your Stress as a Health Coach As a health coach, you want nothing more than to help others navigate the road back to good health. It’s hard to watch people struggle because they just don’t feel great. And you’ve made a commitment to help your clients make the changes they need to make to get healthy again. A large part of why they are struggling in the first place is chronic stress. https://www.youtube.com/embed/EwXsUAmnMG8?rel=0 Stress is a normal part of life. The stress response was designed to help us survive dangerous situations. But we don’t have the same dangers today [...]

Managing Your Stress as a Health Coach2021-12-29T14:03:36-07:00

Resources for Understanding Licensing Restrictions in Your State


Resources for Understanding Licensing Restrictions in Your State Licensed practitioners are not alone in helping patients better themselves. Non-licensed practitioners have been and continue to be a growing source of information and support for those who need it. As a non-licensed practitioner, you want to help guide clients to wellness while making sure you follow the regulations put in place to avoid legal repercussions. We’ll look at some of the dos and don’ts based on common regulations and resources you can use to familiarize yourself with your state’s laws. Let’s start by defining a non-licensed practitioner. https://www.youtube.com/embed/wz4DR6I2xLU?rel=0 What is a non-licensed [...]

Resources for Understanding Licensing Restrictions in Your State2021-12-29T12:22:11-07:00

Job Opportunities for Health Coaches


What Type of Jobs Are Available to Health Coaches?WHAT TO EXPECT WHAT YOU BECOME QUALIFIED What are the job opportunities and outlook for health coaches? Each year more and more individuals are looking for alternate options for health care. And, with a rise in diseases like obesity1 and diabetes2, so it's no wonder people are turning to health coaches to offer new types of treatment. The Job Market Outlook The job outlook and demand for health coaches are growing rapidly. The job market is expected to expand by 13% by 2029 for health coaches and community health workers3. This growth rate [...]

Job Opportunities for Health Coaches2022-02-01T07:33:30-07:00

Do Health Coaches Need Insurance?


Do Health Coaches Need Insurance? Do health coaches need insurance? Health coaches can be instrumental when it comes to helping someone adopt a healthier lifestyle. It can be difficult to define the role of a health coach, as they can help with a wide variety of health issues from weight loss and stress reduction to the management of chronic conditions. ¹ With so many different services offered comes an abundance of liability. Like many other professionals, health coaches need to protect themselves from complaints and culpability from damages. https://www.youtube.com/embed/o-YDjjDbc_w?rel=0 Even though health coaching has been approved by the World Health Organization [...]

Do Health Coaches Need Insurance?2021-11-17T19:11:15-07:00

The Many Benefits of Health Coaching for Nurses


The Many Benefits of Health Coaching for Nurses Health coaching is being rapidly implemented into the contemporary health care system and can be used by a wide range of health professionals. Within this, health coaching offers a number of potential benefits for nurses looking to enhance and optimize their skillset.  Principle and Practice: Similarities Between Health Coaching and Nursing One of the main reasons nurses can benefit from health coaching education is that the nature of health coaching fits right in with the nursing philosophy of holistic patient care. Nurses aim to meet all of the human needs of the client-mentally, [...]

The Many Benefits of Health Coaching for Nurses2021-11-09T14:16:24-07:00

Get Rid Of Stress Through D.R.E.S.S. – with Reed Davis


Are you stressed out? If you’re like most people these days, the answer is probably yes! But what do you know about stress, or how to beat it? Do you know about the different types of stress, stress and your gut health, or how to de-stress? In today’s episode, we are discussing useful tips to help destress, understanding different types of stress, fixing your gut, your body, and more!- We answer these questions: What are the different types of stress? How can chemical stress affect your gut? The best steps to take to avoid chemical stress? What does the D.R.E.S.S. protocol [...]

Get Rid Of Stress Through D.R.E.S.S. – with Reed Davis2022-03-28T08:36:35-07:00