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8 Signs Your Client Has Food Sensitivities


You have been working with a client for a while. You’ve helped them to transition to a healthier way of eating, and they are eating the right balance of macronutrients for their body. And while they are feeling a little better than they did when they begin working with you, they are still dealing with some stubborn health issues that just don’t seem to want to go away. If this is the case, your client may be experiencing a hidden food sensitivity that hasn’t been discovered yet. And unfortunately, if your client continues to consume the foods they are sensitive [...]

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Hidden Causes of Client Thyroid Issue


As Health Coaches, we so commonly work with clients suffering from symptoms related to thyroid issues: chronic fatigue, feeling cold all the time, constipation, weight gain, dry skin, hair loss. Some come to us with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and some simply suspect it. They hope thyroid replacement hormone can solve all of their problems. Or they wonder why it’s not working. As Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners, we know the root cause of their symptoms isn’t hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is itself a symptom of other underlying issues that can trip up the delicate balance of the body’s metabolic homeostasis and lead [...]

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The Good and Bad of CPT Codes for Health Coaching


The medical establishment is starting to develop CPT Codes or “Current Procedural Terminology” more simply, procedure codes, for the purpose of billing insurance companies for health coaching services.  Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® stands for anything that expands the health coaching profession so, in that sense, maybe it's not a bad idea.   But Independent Health Coaches shouldn’t get their hopes up or give this too much consideration yet.  These things can take a while to develop and, more importantly, there are serious drawbacks to operating a business that depends on health insurance reimbursements.   Compared to providing health services within a cash practice [...]

The Good and Bad of CPT Codes for Health Coaching2020-08-12T20:53:47+00:00

10 Clues Your Client Has a Congested Liver


The liver, otherwise known as the Grandfather of all Organs, takes on most of the daily strain from lifestyle and nutritional choices. So, it is no surprise that the amount of people who are struggling with decreased liver function continues to grow due to modern day stressors and toxins. For Health Coaches, this means an increase in clients with liver dysfunction whether you are aware of it or not.   The more toxins the body is exposed to, the harder the liver has to work to remove them. If the liver struggles to keep up with the demand for detoxification, it may become sluggish and congested, [...]

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Podcast: Episode 13: Jenn Malecha, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®️ Practitioner; Chief Administrative Officer for FDN


In this episode, we talk with Jenn Malecha, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Practitioner and Chief Administrative Officer for FDN. Malecha, inspired after hearing a lecture by Reed Davis, the founder of FDN, joined forces with this innovative company to “fill the gap for people that get stuck in the cycle of trial and error” when it comes to improving health. Malecha discusses the process of how FDN provides “cutting edge functional lab assessment training and access to resources to continuously enhance people’s knowledge about functional health practices.” Listen carefully she discusses the science and methodology of FDN and the undeniable [...]

Podcast: Episode 13: Jenn Malecha, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®️ Practitioner; Chief Administrative Officer for FDN2020-09-25T18:10:09+00:00

18 Signs Your Client Has Lymphatic System Issues and How To Help


Do your clients have nagging health problems such fatigue, excess weight or immune issues?   Maybe some of these issues have dwindled with basic health-building principles, but they continue to struggle overall? As a Functional Health Coach, ongoing symptoms like these can point you to one area in particular that needs to be addressed but is often overlooked; a function of the body that is vital to healing - detoxification.  One of the MOST IMPORTANT systems of the body for detoxification is the lymphatic system.  There are many clues to help determine whether your client might have lymphatic system issues. [...]

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