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3 Tips for Growing Your 6-Figure Health Coaching Business


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019 the top 10% of Health Coaches earned more than $98,000 per year.  This compiled with the World Health Organization reporting how chronic disease attributes to 73% deaths and 60% of the global disease burden by 2020, showcases the opportunity Independent Health Coaches have to make over 6-figures annually while doing work that is incredibly fulfilling. . With the massive rise in chronic disease, escalating medical costs, and conventional medicine’s limitations; the demand for Health Coaches and Health Counselors is skyrocketing. Functional Health Coaches are leading the movement towards holistic wellness, [...]

3 Tips for Growing Your 6-Figure Health Coaching Business2021-03-22T20:27:29+00:00

5 Ways To Help Clients with Weight Loss


Do you have clients that are frustrated with pounds that just won't pudge? The majority of Health Coaches have clients with weight loss goals. And if it’s not their main goal, it can often be a secondary one. To lose weight and keep it off, your clients should really be focusing on overall health and there are numerous things they should be taking into account while trying to achieve their goals. . When it comes to weight loss, is it simply about calories in vs. calories out? Tracking calories has been a long-time trend when it comes to weight loss, [...]

5 Ways To Help Clients with Weight Loss2021-03-17T02:59:29+00:00

Helping Clients with Gut Bugs


Your body is a habitat, a complex ecosystem, housing a vast and expansive myriad of tiny residents. In fact, each of us plays host to a hundred trillion non-human micro-organisms.  They outnumber our human cells 10 to 1. These creatures inhabit our body and live in distinct communities with a variety of different environments.  Some species live on our skin, some live in our mouths, and the biggest population lives inside our gut. Many health coaching clients may be confused or even unaware that this complex ecosystem exists within them and just how big of a role the gut plays in [...]

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The 3 Keys to Finding and Enrolling Clients


Imagine you getting your in-person or virtual health coaching business to the point where you are no longer on a never-ending quest for new clients. It’s actually simple and easy.  Clients are showing up at your doorstep eager to be your client.   A Functional Health Coaching business where you get to focus on what you love doing the most, helping people on a deeper level, instead of draining your energy and spinning your wheels about marketing strategies trying to find clients. . Today’s Client Today’s clients require you to know more than their stats, more than their behavior.  They [...]

The 3 Keys to Finding and Enrolling Clients2021-02-24T15:06:05+00:00

Looking Beyond Normal Blood Test Results


How many clients have come to you after running bloodwork with their doctor and being told everything is “normal” when they feel the opposite? Blood tests don’t always tell you the whole story about what is going on with a person’s health. That’s why it’s important to do a functional blood chemistry analysis done by a practitioner who is trained in how to read and interpret the results from a functional standpoint. . How is functional blood chemistry different than the typical blood analysis? Here is an example. Let’s say that there is a woman who we’ll call Jane. Jane [...]

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Tools of the Trade in the Wellness Space Vs Illness Space


Contrasting the tools of the trade in the wellness and illness spaces, FDN® Practitioners follow well-established principles in uncovering healing opportunities for their Health Coaching clients. Those clients, at the same time, are often under the care of medical doctors for specific conditions and have often received very particular diagnoses and been offered prescription medications to help manage those conditions.  While the diet, lifestyle and supplements suggested by a health coach are generally safe and natural, clients should check with their physician before making changes in their diet, exercise and supplement regimens.   . Patients of medical doctors may have [...]

Tools of the Trade in the Wellness Space Vs Illness Space2021-02-02T16:55:13+00:00