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10 Reasons to Choose the FDN Health Coaching & Lab Training Certification Course


The FDN Health Coaching and Lab Training Certification course covers all aspects of a functional, lab-based health coaching practice from client on-boarding and intake through creation of all-natural individualized health building program , as well as ongoing health coaching and case management skills.  A complete business model and implementation plan is also included.  The FDN Course is delivered using a recourse-filled, user-friendly online platform and forums with numerous one-on-one mentoring sessions to work on one's own health and practice what you learn.   Below are 10 of the top reasons to choose the FDN Course and become a Certified FDN Practitioner.     [...]

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Top 10 Health Coach Certification Programs


If you have decided to become a health coach, you likely know there are a variety of health coach certification programs to choose from. Searching for the right course for you can be time-consuming, overwhelming and confusing.  How do you know which one is right for you? To help you sift through the information and figure out which course is right for you, here is a list of the "top ten" health coach certification programs in alphabetical order. This list is based on information collected from online forums, social media, and what’s emerging in popularity within the industry. The information [...]

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The New Fight or Flight: Secret Influences of Osteocalcin


In addressing an individual’s needs, Functional Health Coaches must consider any number of factors and endeavor to prioritize and balance those influences in making recommendations to advance the client’s desires against any and every obstacle.  Stress has been on our culture’s health radar since Hans Selye introduced the “General Adaptation Syndrome” in the 1930’s. Almost anyone with a background in holistic approaches to health is familiar with the idea of a “fight or flight” response. Also how unrelenting stress leads to an inevitable, but individually varied, digression from homeostatic resilience to invoking the body’s adaptive processes in hopes of weathering the [...]

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How To Stop Chasing Symptoms To End The Cycle Of Trial And Error


We all know “that person” (or have even been that person) that… Goes online to research every new symptom or health issue that arises, spending hours self-diagnosing, utilizing only the most persistent health complaint as a clue to what is going on a deeper level.  Or who has countless doctor visits that end with a new prescription to treat the symptom, but don’t address the cause.  And maybe they even have seen alternative health practitioners who uses different tools or techniques to manage symptoms but ending up frustrated because nothing gives them long-term relief.    This is where you come in [...]

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The Difference Between Health Coaches and Functional Health Coaches


Health Coaches of all kinds are united by one common goal, to better the lives of their clients through health building principles.  They are passionate about seeing their clients succeed and using these principles to restore health and ultimately achieve optimal wellness. More often than not, you can find a health coach reading up on the latest dietary theories or learning about new ways to expand their business so they can help more people. Although they are all united by these foundational components of health coaching, there is a particular type of health coach that stands out from the rest.  [...]

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Helpful Ways to Deal with Stress


It is no secret that we are all facing unprecedented levels of stress in the world today. Whether that’s due to current events or the fast-paced way of modern life, we can agree that stress and anxieties are at an all-time high. The main source of all chronic illnesses can be attributed to various forms of stress within the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy and nervous system, which Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® health coaches seek out using functional lab testing. Most people spend little time addressing their mental or emotional stress and aren’t even aware of its far-reaching effects. Incredibly important [...]

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